Transworld SURF Magazine Editor Chris Cote – Indie Twin Testimonial

Transworld Surf Magazine Indie Twin Double Stroller Review
Transworld Surf Magazine Indie Twin Double Stroller Review

“The Bumbleride Twin saved our lives!

At first when our second baby was an infant, it was amazing to be able to attach the carrier to one side and have our 2 year old chilling on the other side. My wife and I took the Bumbleride everywhere. Now our youngest son is almost 1 and our oldest, 3 and half and it’s our daily utility vehicle of choice! Disneyland, the beach, parks, everywhere! It folds up easily and fits in my Prius as well as my wife’s SUV.

After almost two years the stroller is holding up perfectly, still rolls like a dream, looks perfect, and is as mechanically sound as it was the first day we got it. Truly an amazing piece of equipment.”

Chris Cote
Editor In Chief
TransWorld SURF

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Bumbleride Indie Twin
“Aren’t strollers for moms? Not this one. This badass twin stroller is a dad’s dream, even if you only have one kid. I put my kid on one side, my cooler on the other, and all my other beach gear in the storage space underneath the seats. I also have a bumper sticker that says, “my stroller’s better than your stroller”, ‘cause it is.”