Trekaroo puts Indie Twin to the test- “Bumbleride’s Indie Twin Stroller, Movement Edition- I Cannot Get Enough Of It!”


“Whose stroller is that? Yep, that’s mine,” I think as I strut myself confidently down the street pushing my two young kids! Not only do heads turn when you own this stroller, but I actually had a few people come up to me, ask me questions, and tell me how much they want one! The creators of the Bumbleride Indie Twin stroller knew exactly what they were doing. It’s not only a travel necessity, it’s a fashion statement!


· Turns Effortlessly
· Super Stylish
· Folds Easily & Has A Latch To Secure It
· Comfortable For Kids
· Fixed or Swivel Wheels
· Large Sun Shade
· Repels Water
· SPF 45
· Pockets For Holding Keys/Cell Phone
· Large Storage Basket
· Adjustable Handlebars/Foot Rests
· Sturdy Metal Frame

· Cup Holder Is In A Bad Place
· The Footrests Don’t Hold Much Weight And Won’t Stay Elevated For Toddler & Up.

First Test: Hotels, City Streets, & Shopping
Moving through crowded streets can be a challenge of its own; let alone pushing two kids in a double wide stroller. Lucky for me, the swivel wheels create an effortless turning ratio, and the frame is slim enough to fit through boutique and restaurant doors! I could even talk on my cell phone and push the stroller at the same time! That’s a definite test to its maneuverability. The large storage basket underneath is the perfect place to put your diaper bag, purse, and shopping bags. I was a little worried about how we would fit the stroller, our stuff, our other two kids, my husband, and me all into an elevator, but we had plenty of room! The cup holder, however, is in somewhat of an awkward place on the outside edge of the frame, and I did have to remove it once to fit through a door.

Second Test: Testing Its Claims
The Bumbleride Indie Twin has a few claims. First, it promises an SPF protection of 45. Although I don’t have a way to ensure this, I can say that my daughter fell asleep in the seat for a few hours and didn’t get sunburned. The second claim is its’ water resistance. For that, I can definitely attest too. What better way to test out how well it resists water then to take it to a splashing paradise, a water park! We drove it through puddles, got the bottom of the storage basket wet, drove it under sprinklers, and didn’t move it out of the way when kids splashed on it nearby. With all of that use, I was sure the clothing in the storage basket would be wet, but it wasn’t! Also, it was really neat to watch the beads of water pool together, sit on top of the fabric, and then roll off!

Third Test: Running & Hiking
One of the things I love best is how well the Indie Twin accommodates different types of terrain. Locking the front wheels are incredibly easy, it’s just a matter of moving a small pin above each wheel. Whether off-roading through dirt and rocky terrain, or locking the front wheels and jogging on paved streets, I know my little passengers are safe and secure, enjoying their ride. They do bounce a little in their seats on rough terrain, but it’s comparable to other joggers, and they seem comfortable.

Overall Assessment:
I LOVE this stroller! It’s so easy to use, folds up decently, turns impecably, keeps my kids secure, and glides gingerly over multiple terrains! The style, functionality, and maneuverability keeps me wanting more. I’ve actually planned a few trips out of my house just because I love pushing my kiddos around in it! I would highly recommend Bumbleride’s Indie Twin Stroller to any mom who has an active outdoor lifestyle.

As a mom who depends on my stroller every day, my only recommendations for the Indie Twin is that perhaps they move the cup holder to the inside middle bar, and add a second one to the other side of the same bar. Also, I would love it if the snack trays were included in the original purchase price of the stroller. To me, both of those features are completely necessary for every outing with kids!”