Babble names Indie Twin Best Luxury Double Stroller for 2010


“After we assembled the Bumbleride, we stepped back, had a look and thought Hmm, maybe twins wouldn’t be so bad. It won’t be as convenient in tight, urban settings, but it would make a wonderful addition to family vacas and long, leisurely walks. And if you want to take it shopping, the Bumbleride can comfortably fit through any standard doorway with exceptional maneuverability. Plus, the features are off the charts: Plush seating, cushioned handle bars, an extra large sun canopy and lots of storage make it one of the most comfortable rides we tested. It can also handle uneven terrain and off-road hills better than most.”

Seattle Baby and Toddler Gear Examiner-Bumbleride Flyer brings luxury to every day


“The first time I took it out was to walk my older daughter to the bus stop, and I have to say it was fun to have the moms ooh and ahh over it. It was a cold morning, and Landon was all bundled up and laying comfortably in the Carrycot which attaches easily to the stroller frame. The stroller is lightweight, easy to push, and feels sturdy”. “Looking for the ultimate holiday gift for the mom or mom-to-be in your life? I promise you can’t go wrong with a Bumbleride stroller. It might seem silly, but an excellent stroller is the same as nice appliances as far as most women are concerned!”