Your First Baby Stroller: Invest in a Bumbleride –

Your first baby stroller: invest in a bumbleride

Viewpoints expert review: “Buy the Best and Live Free!” The Bumbleride Indie Twin is easy to handle, lightweight and sturdy enough to take hard knocks.

by Jessie Veith Rouleau, Viewpoints Baby Products Expert

Your first baby stroller: invest in a bumbleride

For all you modern moms and dads out there struggling with the biggest consumer decision we make as new parents, listen to those who have come before you, and invest in that top-of-the-line stroller. You know the one, it’s more expensive than you’re comfortable with. Yes, that one.

Some questions you may be asking yourself:

  • How often are we really going to use it?
  • Winter is cold where we live; won’t it sit in the garage?
  • Wouldn’t lesser brand work just as well?
  • Are we just paying for the logo? What’s the real difference?
  • Shouldn’t we save some of that money and put it towards baby’s college tuition?

The answer is simple in my book: Invest in that stroller!

Modern moms and dads live on-the-go. Whether you’re a working parent, or at home full-time, none of us wants to be stuck at home. From the first happy days of pregnancy, most of us picture the stroller as a vehicle of freedom, allowing us to hold on to the bits and pieces of our fabulous lives before baby. Coffee dates with friends, weekend shopping trips downtown, brunch at our favorite neighborhood restaurant, exercise routines, and even vacation travel — all of these will be more difficult to navigate with baby in tow.

Here lies the importance of the stroller

A great stroller buys you the freedom to take baby with you from point A to point B, with less stress, less sweat, and fewer tears. One of the most common questions I’m asked at the park is, “How do you like your stroller?”

My answer: I love it. My choice is the Bumbleride Indie Twin Double Stroller (retail $689).

Here’s why: It’s lightweight, extremely durable (we’ve been over broken glass, busted sidewalks, and even down stairs when there was no other option) and easy to maneuver. The streamlined design can fit two kids side-by-side and still fit through narrow doorways.  After a rainy day at the park (it comes with a rain cover, by the way) or a sandy summer day at the beach, the fabric spot-cleans with little effort. My husband likes pushing it, and he’s 6’3” (some strollers are surprisingly low to the ground). With one quick turn of a knob, the wheels can be locked in place for running, and then released for the full 360-degree swivel needed to steer in and out of my favorite boutique shops. And best of all, I can push, and even turn with one hand, if I happen to be carrying a jumbo latte.

Indie Twin named Best Double Stroller for Twins in Reader’s Choice Awards! Best Double Stroller For Twins -  Bumbleride Indie Twin

The winner of the Best Double Stroller for Twins is…

Bumbleride Indie Twin 
Bumbleride’s first side-by-side stroller, Indie Twin provides the best of both worlds by accommodating both infants and older siblings. The independent seating system allows you to accommodate each individual child with backrests, canopies and footrests that can all be adjusted independently from one another. 
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Why it’s a favorite: “The Indie Twin is the best stroller for twins due to its independent and custom seating, one hand push and steering, easy fold, large canopies, lots of storage, infant readiness, dual car seat compatibility, and all-terrain. Not to mention awesome looking”

The Cleveland Leader Indie Twin Review- “…given the choice between the Bumbleride Indie Twin and the Bugaboo Donkey, the Bumbleride would hands-down be my top choice.”


With two young children in tow, I always make sure that I have a double stroller in the back of my vehicle. Until I got a chance to check out the Bumbleride Indie Twin Natural Edition stroller, none of the double strollers I have used on a regular, daily basis have been of the side-by-side variety, so I was definitely looking forward to checking it out when Bumbleride said they’d be giving me the opportunity to review it. I had some reservations about the width prior to using it, but in the end, they proved to be unfounded and I would recommend the Bumbleride Indie Twin to anyone looking into purchasing a new double stroller.

Let’s see how the Bumbleride Indie Twin stacks up:


I took my two kids – a 2-year-old boy who currently weighs 33 pounds and is 38.5 inches tall, and almost 1-year-old girl who weighs in at 23 pounds and is 29.5 inches tall – out for their first ride in the new stroller. The 2-year-old was excited to try out the new “big stroller”, as he calls it. Both of the kids fit in it well, and there is still plenty of head and leg room for my son, so he won’t be outgrowing the stroller anytime soon.

The Bumbleride Indie Twin is a bit of a beast folded up and weighs in at 34lbs. It folds up nicely, and takes up no more room in the back of my Pontiac Torrent than my Joovy Caboose (sit n stand double stroller). Pushing it around with two kids in it with a combined weight of 55lbs. plus the 34lbs. of stroller weight did give my arms a bit of a workout, but it wasn’t too bad. If they could find a way to shave off 8lbs. it’d be perfect, but it works for now and with its maneuverability it still outshines the competition. It glides along smooth surfaces, and handles the bumps, curbs, and rough terrain amazingly well. I never have to struggle to get it over a large bumps, which is great.

One of the biggest concerns I had about the Bumbleride was its ability to fit through doorways easily. After all, if it couldn’t do that it would be totally useless to me as I’d primarily be using it while out shopping at the mall or other stores, and only occasionally using it for outdoor leisurely strolls. The literature for the stroller touts its ability to fit through most doorways, so I hoped for the best. I assembled the stroller in my children’s room because there is more open floor space there. Once put together, I tried to push it through the doorway, but it did not fit. But then I realized that the doorway is on the smaller side, and nowhere near as wide as even our front door or the doors at various shopping centers and stores. Getting any double stroller, whether its a sit n stand or a side-by-side, through doors is a little tricky. I found the Bumbleride Indie Twin to be on par with the Joovy Caboose, and easier to get through doors than the Baby Trend Sit n Stand LX.


The Bumbleride Indie Twin is sold in its most basic form, and doesn’t come with all of the bells and whistles that other high-end strollers give you in the package by default. The particular model we were sent is the Bumbleride Indie Twin Natural Edition in Ocean, which comes with a $729 price tag.

Each seat is independent, so you can have different recline settings for each seat. The foot rests for each seat are also adjustable, as are the canopies. You could have one or both set up as regular seats, or if you purchase the carry cot accessory, you could use one side to push around a newborn bassinet-style. It can also be used with a car seat (wih optional accessories).

The stroller comes with two bumper bars, which can be swapped out for other accessories (purchased separately) such as the snack tray, or to attach toys to. The snack tray is a zippered, soft container attached to a bar that goes over the lap and has two compartments. I love this feature, and it has gotten positive feedback in public from passers-by. I had to take the two kids to the doctor with me, and brought them in the Bumbleride with a snack tray installed on one side. Filled with snacks and a drink, they were quiet and occupied almost the entire time and I didn’t have to worry about a container getting knocked over. Hallelujah!

Other optional accessories include a foot muff and liner, which I have yet to use. I’m surprised I haven’t needed to use it yet, but we here in Cleveland are still, strangely, experiencing 50 to 60 degree temperatures even in mid-November. That will soon change, and I may try the foot muff when we attend some outdoor holiday events and I want to keep the kids as warm as I can.

A carry cot, aka bassinet, can also be purchased to use with the stroller. As my kids are too old to use one, I do not have this accessory. If I have another baby in the future, I will most definitely get a carry cot. They are a must-have for newborns. Because it is detachable from the stroller, you can carry the sleeping baby inside without disruption.

There is a plastic cup holder attachment that comes with the stroller. I installed it, but because of where it attaches on the frame, it made it so that I could not fit through door ways with it. That is a bit of a bummer as I always like to have a drink on me. So, I instead have to make sure I have a bottled drink and throw it in the large storage area under the seats. I hope Bumbleride can come up with a better cup holder in their next edition, something up near the handle area that doesn’t stick out to the side. A double cup holder would be even better, so I could keep one of the kid’s drinks out for easy access.


The Bumbleride Indie Twin Natural Edition starts out at $729. The Natural Edition line features organic fabrics, and is available in just two colors – Ocean and Walnut. The regular line starts at $699 and has a few more color choices.

Optional accessories for the stroller include a carry cot ($149 to $159 each), a snack pack ($44.99 each), a foot muff ($59.99 to $69.99 each), various car seat adapters ($39.99 each), a rain shield ($39.50 to $44.99) and extra fabric sets ($99 to $109).

How it compares to the competition

The Bumbleride is definitely a high-end stroller with is nearly $700 base price (and that doesn’t include accessories, which can put you well over the $1,000 mark). Another stroller in this high-end, side-by-side double stroller category is the Bugaboo Donkey, which I have also had an opportunity to test out and will be formally reviewing soon. I have to say that given the choice between the Bumbleride Indie Twin and the Bugaboo Donkey, the Bumbleride would hands-down be my top choice. It’s not only a better price, but I found it to be constructed much better. The Donkey was sent to us with pieces already broken, and just has an overall cheaper feel to it. I was actually surprised because I am a former owner of a Bugaboo Cameleon, which I loved, and expected basically a double version of that. The Donkey did not compare to the Cameleon, and featured a lot more breakable plastic pieces throughout the design. The seats were also incredibly small, and there is no way that my two-year-old could fit into it. It is not a good stroller for those with children of different ages. It’d be fine for twins, but even then it wouldn’t be able to be used for very long due to the small size of the seats. Interestingly though, the Bumbleride Indie Twin reminded me a lot more of the Cameleon — it’s tough, has an awesome design, larger seats, and is easily maneuverable. Tlhe only downside of the Bumbleride is that it didn’t come with many of the extras (like the rain cover, etc.) that the Donkey does.


Compared to most other double strollers, Bumbleride is definitely in the top echelon. I have found that the saying “you get what you pay for” tends to hold true when it comes to strollers. The higher priced ones have nicer designs, but more importantly, hold up and just overall work better. The Bumbleride Indie Twin is in the top of it’s class and I would highly recommend it if you’re looking to purchase a double stroller and have some extra money to invest. It’ll hold up well over the years, and looks built to last.

Trekaroo puts Indie Twin to the test- “Bumbleride’s Indie Twin Stroller, Movement Edition- I Cannot Get Enough Of It!”


“Whose stroller is that? Yep, that’s mine,” I think as I strut myself confidently down the street pushing my two young kids! Not only do heads turn when you own this stroller, but I actually had a few people come up to me, ask me questions, and tell me how much they want one! The creators of the Bumbleride Indie Twin stroller knew exactly what they were doing. It’s not only a travel necessity, it’s a fashion statement!


· Turns Effortlessly
· Super Stylish
· Folds Easily & Has A Latch To Secure It
· Comfortable For Kids
· Fixed or Swivel Wheels
· Large Sun Shade
· Repels Water
· SPF 45
· Pockets For Holding Keys/Cell Phone
· Large Storage Basket
· Adjustable Handlebars/Foot Rests
· Sturdy Metal Frame

· Cup Holder Is In A Bad Place
· The Footrests Don’t Hold Much Weight And Won’t Stay Elevated For Toddler & Up.

First Test: Hotels, City Streets, & Shopping
Moving through crowded streets can be a challenge of its own; let alone pushing two kids in a double wide stroller. Lucky for me, the swivel wheels create an effortless turning ratio, and the frame is slim enough to fit through boutique and restaurant doors! I could even talk on my cell phone and push the stroller at the same time! That’s a definite test to its maneuverability. The large storage basket underneath is the perfect place to put your diaper bag, purse, and shopping bags. I was a little worried about how we would fit the stroller, our stuff, our other two kids, my husband, and me all into an elevator, but we had plenty of room! The cup holder, however, is in somewhat of an awkward place on the outside edge of the frame, and I did have to remove it once to fit through a door.

Second Test: Testing Its Claims
The Bumbleride Indie Twin has a few claims. First, it promises an SPF protection of 45. Although I don’t have a way to ensure this, I can say that my daughter fell asleep in the seat for a few hours and didn’t get sunburned. The second claim is its’ water resistance. For that, I can definitely attest too. What better way to test out how well it resists water then to take it to a splashing paradise, a water park! We drove it through puddles, got the bottom of the storage basket wet, drove it under sprinklers, and didn’t move it out of the way when kids splashed on it nearby. With all of that use, I was sure the clothing in the storage basket would be wet, but it wasn’t! Also, it was really neat to watch the beads of water pool together, sit on top of the fabric, and then roll off!

Third Test: Running & Hiking
One of the things I love best is how well the Indie Twin accommodates different types of terrain. Locking the front wheels are incredibly easy, it’s just a matter of moving a small pin above each wheel. Whether off-roading through dirt and rocky terrain, or locking the front wheels and jogging on paved streets, I know my little passengers are safe and secure, enjoying their ride. They do bounce a little in their seats on rough terrain, but it’s comparable to other joggers, and they seem comfortable.

Overall Assessment:
I LOVE this stroller! It’s so easy to use, folds up decently, turns impecably, keeps my kids secure, and glides gingerly over multiple terrains! The style, functionality, and maneuverability keeps me wanting more. I’ve actually planned a few trips out of my house just because I love pushing my kiddos around in it! I would highly recommend Bumbleride’s Indie Twin Stroller to any mom who has an active outdoor lifestyle.

As a mom who depends on my stroller every day, my only recommendations for the Indie Twin is that perhaps they move the cup holder to the inside middle bar, and add a second one to the other side of the same bar. Also, I would love it if the snack trays were included in the original purchase price of the stroller. To me, both of those features are completely necessary for every outing with kids!”

Baby Gizmo’s Top 5 Picks for Twin Strollers for 2011 – Indie Twin named Top Pick All-Around Twin Stroller


“The Bumbleride Indie Twin 2011 is our TOP PICK! It is not only gorgeous but a practical stroller that is parent and twin friendly. This all-terrain stroller is perfect for twins because:

  1. It can accommodate 2 infant car seats (Maxi Cosi) at the same time! With twins, how do you choose who stays in a car seat and who gets the stroller seat in the other double stroller options?
  2. It can accept two carrycots at the same time. Turn your Indie Twin into a double, luxury pram by having your babies ride in style in their own carrycots.
  3. The seats have flat reclines that you could use the stroller seats from birth for each baby.

The Indie Twin also sports an adjustable handlebar, huge canopies, a large basket and fabulous maneuverability. Any drawbacks? Sure, it only accepts two Maxi Cosi infant seats for now. *The Indie Twin 2011 will not be available for purchase until end of April 2011. *”