Babble Blogger Favorites: Top Double Strollers of 2012 – Indie Twin

Babble Best Double Stroller Indie Twin 2012

Babble Best Twin Stroller Indie Twin 2012

Bumbleride Indie Twin

 I’m a big fan of Bumbleride strollers. They’re functional, maneuverable, and beautifully made. 

Best for: Parents of twins or kids close in age. Both seats independently recline flat with an adjustable footrest (perfect for small infants), and it can even be used with two Maxi Cosi Mico infant seats. (It’s compatible with a slew of other car seats — from Graco to Britax to Chicco — but only one at a time.) It’s surprisingly rare to have a double stroller that can accommodate two infant car seats. 

Not best for: Active parents looking for a jogging stroller to run more than a few miles each week. The Indie Twin is more geared toward light jogging. It’s also not best for tight, compact spaces (although the 29” width will fit through a standard door). It’s a luxurious ride, certainly, but not exactly storage friendly. 

Favorite features: Bumbleride has everything that I look for in a stroller: a full-coverage canopy (with SPF 45 protection!), smooth maneuverability, a large and accessible basket, adjustable footrests, an included cup holder, and capable wheels. In fact, these 12” air-filled tires are exceptionally capable for pretty much any terrain you can throw at it. It even has gorgeous color choices — like Aqua, which was new for 2012. And while it’s not a compact double stroller (weighing in at 34 lbs.), its size doesn’t feel bulky as much as it feels luxurious. 

The only bummer: The bumper bars no longer come standard with the stroller, although you can buy them separately for $35 each. 

Age/Weight limits: Newborn to 90 lbs. 

Buy from: Bumbleride, $690

Babble Best Twin Stroller Indie Twin 2012


The wheely tough choice – An Australian Indie Review by BabyBudge

                                                                      The Wheely Tough Choice Indie Review Australia
Choosing a pram can be the toughest decision of them all. You could end up going round in circles literally. It’s almost like choosing a new car! You’ll use it practically everyday, everywhere in every way so you want to get the right one for you and your bebe plus look stylish at the same time. Yeah yeah you know it.

So weigh a few things up..

  • What activities will you mainly be doing (apart from the sleep dance)?
  • How much are you willing to spend? (and get it right the first time to avoid buying multiple prams!
  • Is it suitable for both parentals?
  • What extras come with it?
  • How long do you want it to last you?

We wanted an outdoorsy pram of course with the “intention” of jogging off the extra kilos gained during pregnancy. It needed to be sturdy yet stylish and perhaps practical if possible at the same time. I was willing to shop around to get the best price without sacrificing these specific factors.

Here’s what super dooper pram we bought for Baby Budge and why:

Introducing the BUMBLERIDE Indie!

  • STYLISH like the Bugaboo but without the price tag
  • DURABLE & 3 wheeler like the Baby Jogger but noone has one!
  • OVERSIZED SPF sun canopy to totally block out those rays
  • RECLINING backrest- upright to flat for sleeping
  • ADJUSTABLE footrest for my fast growing giraffe baby
  • COMPACT fold to shove in the boot with the rest of your shopping
  • ADJUSTABLE handle height for giraffe parents
  • SUSPENSION & 12 inch tyres suitable for multi terrain

But>>>>> The BIGGEST point of all is its PRICE! I found this beauty while checking out the ‘Baby Jogger’ online. The Baby Jogger is quite similar in features, is available in Australia BUT sells in America for literally HALF the price! So after discovering these significant savings I checked out other overseas brands/companies who ship internationally and the Bumbleride Indy emerged!

Bumbleride will be coming to Australia.. pop by their facebook page for raves, I’ve already converted two of my mates who absolutely love it too :-)

Check out more product info and optional extras at:

Like, comment or send me questions if you’d like any further info.


Master manoeuvring on multi terrain! (shown with optional carry cot connection) 
Master manoeuvring on multi terrain! (shown with optional carry cot connection)
Hood hugging pram heaven.
Hood hugging pram heaven.
Ready to Bumbleride!
Ready to Bumbleride!
Taking on the tracks in Fiji            
Taking on the tracks in Fiji
Dad loves it!
Dad loves it!


walking and talking – bonzo, chooch & me – An Indie Twin Testimonial

bonzo, chooch & me

our morning walk. i missed it so. the last few weeks of my pregnancy weren’t prime walking days. nor were the first couple weeks after ours baby was born. but slowly, i worked back up to it and i’m happy to say we’re back in our groove and taking our morning walks – on new wheels to-boot.

i realized that little bonzo probably missed our morning strolls as much as i did. it was what we did. and then that changed on top of a million other things. so we’re both feeling better to be back in the swing of things, i know.

it’s a ripple-effect of radness to be sure. first, i’m exercising. hoo-ray. second, we’re back in our routine. third, and most important, it’s seriously special time for me and bonz. see, baby sister gets tucked in snug as a bug in a rug in the stroller’s bassinet attachment and gets to gaze up at the trees then drift off to sleep (sounds pretty heavenly to me) and bonzo, with a little something in hissnack-pack, and i have time to chat and watch the world go by as we walk our loop. we throw a leaf in the creek from the bridge as we leave and then return into our neighborhood and then visit and remark on the same landmarks each day – the fountain in a front yard, the jeep parked at that house, the stone tortoise in the garden, the tractor mower that we saw mow the field a year ago. some mornings he’s happy to quietly sit back and see what he sees and other mornings he’ll talk from the second we’re walking down the driveway until the second we return but most mornings are a mix of the two. well, mostly talking with a smidge of silence if we’re going for accuracy.

what i love about it is that it’s a nice little stretch of time that we both have each other’s undivided attention and we can just talk about whatever. on top of all the things i can count on us talking about, i love hearing what he comes up with totally out of the blue and what’s on his mind. we get to talk about all the stuff he’s most interested in and i love it because i’m not trying to do six things at once while trying to pay attention to what he’s saying about the gardener with the backpack leaf blower that looks different than our gardener’s backpack leaf blower. its just so nice not to have to ask him to wait a minute or to – sigh – half-listen while i’m distracted changing a diaper, nursing the baby or one of the other zillion tasks that eat up our days.

we can’t make it every single day though i try. and sometimes baby sister’s fussed and made our otherwise peaceful walk anything but. but for the most part, it’s my favorite part of the day. our favorite part of the day.

bonzo, chooch & me bumbleride Indie Twin review

Transworld SURF Magazine Editor Chris Cote – Indie Twin Testimonial

Transworld Surf Magazine Indie Twin Double Stroller Review
Transworld Surf Magazine Indie Twin Double Stroller Review

“The Bumbleride Twin saved our lives!

At first when our second baby was an infant, it was amazing to be able to attach the carrier to one side and have our 2 year old chilling on the other side. My wife and I took the Bumbleride everywhere. Now our youngest son is almost 1 and our oldest, 3 and half and it’s our daily utility vehicle of choice! Disneyland, the beach, parks, everywhere! It folds up easily and fits in my Prius as well as my wife’s SUV.

After almost two years the stroller is holding up perfectly, still rolls like a dream, looks perfect, and is as mechanically sound as it was the first day we got it. Truly an amazing piece of equipment.”

Chris Cote
Editor In Chief
TransWorld SURF