Bumbleride Ambassador – Kristy Mclellan

Bumbleride Ambassadors McLellans

Bumbleride Ambassador – Kristy Mclellan – Ridgewood, New Jersey

Kristy and her family can most often be found enjoying the outdoors or a local soccer field. This is the latest post in our Bumbleride Ambassadors blog series where we share active and outdoor families’ experiences with their Bumbleride stroller(s).

Please tell us about yourself.
I’m East Coast born and raised outside of New York City, but there is an inner California beach girl in me that is begging for a relocation to the ocean!  I’m a happily married Mom of three girls – Chloe (6) and our twins – Charley & Presley (18 mths) and I’m passionate about creating a healthy, safe and beautiful home for them.  I come from a Marketing background and worked for some pretty big, bold face name companies honing my skills and working with so many talented people before launching my own business with my partners.  I love design, great food and hanging out with family and friends.  My favorite time of year is Fourth of July – as a family we head to the same little cottage in Maine every summer to unwind.  No cell phones, computers or distractions.  We get to just be a family and enjoy simple things like a fire pit and smores making. I’m already dreaming of next summer.

What was your inspiration for co-founding your company?
I think most people in this industry become inspired by their kids and looking for ways to make the parents’ world easier and their child’s world better.  In our case we were living in New York City looking for a way to keep our stroller, which we used like a car, clean before bringing it into our apartment. I couldn’t bare the thought of taking it apart to get formula stains out again or listening to my wheels squeak.  I was shocked that no non-toxic, organic solutions existed so we created our own. Simple as that, BuggyLOVE was born.

How are you able to balance family & work?
They say it takes a village to raise a family and we’ve created an amazing village of support from hands-on Grandparents to old friends and new ones.  We love that our children are constantly surrounded by a whole lot of love and individual influences.  Aside from the support we do what most families do – we create a really solid schedule to ground us, but allow ourselves to be flexible and have fun within it.  It really helps us to have a great work – life balance, stay organized in business and make special time for each girl.

What do you love most about being a parent?
I love that I am the only one who can cure their boo boo with a kiss.  I think there is a really sweet metaphor in there about the kind of power that a Mom’s love has and how it helps shape these little lives.

I’ve been lucky enough to have had experienced both personal and professional success.  But being a Mom comes with a whole new level of pride I ever knew existed.  All three of our girls were born prematurely, the twins at only 26 weeks.  When they were first born no Doctors could guarantee how they would course and develop. It’s been amazing to watch these little miracles be so fearless and accomplish milestone after milestone. From first steps and words to twirling in princess costumes and scoring a soccer goal, I feel such a sense of pride through their successes, big and small.  I want to slow down time, but I can’t wait to see the amazing women they turn into.  I always say being a Mom is the best club you can ever join.

Learn more about BuggyLOVE here, http://buggylove.com/

Stay in touch with BuggyLOVE on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram.

Bumbleride Ambassadors McLellans

Bumbleride Ambassadors McLellans

What do you love about your Bumbleride?

As founders of BuggyLOVE and parents to three girls, one year-old twins, Charley & Presley and big sis, six year-old Chloe our life is one of a happy, controlled chaos and most definitely, always on the go.

Charley & Presley were born at only 26 weeks and after a three-month stay in the NICU came home to us tiny, but as perfect as could be.  Naturally, going from parents of one to parents of three we were nervous about how on earth we would handle it all and balance the energy of our oldest with the needs of our preemies.

And just as we were about to commit myself to a life of car seat strapping in and out and a six year old with tired feet or worse yet, limiting our outings, our Bumbleride Indie Twin with the mini board arrived at our door.  What.  A. Gift.

It gave me comfort to know my little ones were safely snuggled in side by side and that their delicate heads and bodies weren’t bounced around with every bump.  As they grew up their Indie Twin grew right along with them and the ride of their life was as smooth as ever.  From car-seat adapters to bassinets to their “big girl” seats with views of the world our Bumbleride Indie Twin has worked for our family since the day they came home.  Big bonus #1 – that big sis feels like a super hot shot with the freedom of jumping on and off her mini board.  Big bonus #2 – that we can load all three girls up and move as quickly as our life does.  I’m pretty sure our greatest achievement last year was being on time to Kindergarten everyday; thanks in no small part to our Indie Twin with mini board.

As a CoFounder of BuggyLOVE, a family of organic cleaning products designed specifically for strollers and gear, it gives me such peace of mind to know that Bumbleride is always evolving their green footprint by using non-PVC plastics, bamboo fabrics, SPF 45 canopies and, of course, that they recommend BuggyLOVE to clean and maintain their rides as a way of saving time, electricity and water.

Our stroller is such a big part of our everyday life.  It let’s us live outside more. It’s a snack-time seat at the park, naptime bed on the go. It’s our moving office, our backpack and diaper bag carrier, our tired feet saver.  It’s a Disneyworld tested Godsend and survived the mall during holiday shopping.  It’s survived formula, smashed bananas and smeared sunscreen (thanks BuggyLOVE!). It’s as active as we are, essential and uniquely us.

Oh and according to Chloe, it has a pink lined canopy.  Sold to the lady with three princesses.  Now if only it came in rainbow glitter too =)


Bumbleride Ambassadors McLellans

Cool Mom Picks – Eco-friendly strollers (and accessories!) that don’t skimp on style


Bumbleride Stroller | Cool Mom Picks

I’ve tried to be a pretty eco-savvy mom. But with three kids and all the gear that goes along with a posse that size? Yeah. Many times I’ve struggled to wrap my brain around how we could have wound up with so much stuff … and where it might end up years down the road. When my kids were teeny babies, there just weren’t many green”options to choose from. But today things are different, in the best way. And CMP fave Bumbleride is making it easier for parents to make choices that are healthier for our kids and better for the planet, too.

The first awesome feature of Bumbleride’s new strollers is that they use eco-friendly fabrics made with 50% recycled PET from plastic bottles and 50% renewable bamboo charcoal. That’s pretty cool. And just because it’s greener fabric doesn’t mean it lacks color: this amazing eco-fabric actually comes in bright shades of pink, aquamarine, red, and more. (I’m partial to the red for the holiday season, I have to say.)

It’s not just the stroller fabric that’s cleaned up, but the accessory fabric, too. And as winter rolls into town, a Bumbleride footmuff and liner would be the perfect accompaniment to keep baby’s toes toasty on long, chilly walks. Plus, what a fun way to add a pop of color to dreary winter days.

For particularly snowy and rainy climates, I’ve saved my favorite for last: the Non-PVC Rain Cover. That “non-PVC” part is what I love. So many of these clear stroller covers are still made from PVC, a material that’d just plain bad for everyone, especially babies. So I love that with the Bumbleride covers babies get protection from the elements without having to breathe in any icky, plastic-y fumes.

Bumbleride’s eco-friendly strollers and stroller accessories are available online, or give them a test drive at your neighborhood baby store.

You can find the full article here, http://coolmompicks.com/blog/2013/12/05/eco-friendly-strollers-and-accessories/.

Gear Junkie – Rugged Indie Twin is ‘Luxury SUV’ of a Stroller



Gear junkie indie twin luxury stroller

Getting into nature with kids can be a challenge. For years my wife and I have used “rugged” strollers to stay active beyond the pavement and onto hiking paths.

This summer we are test driving a different kind of off-road model, the Indie Twin from San Diego-based Bumbleride. Made with high-end components and unique fabrics to block sun and regulate temperature for kid passengers inside, the Indie Twin is a “luxury SUV” of a stroller.

Bumbleride Indie Twin stroller.jpg

 Indie Twin is a high-end stroller

At $730, it comes with a price tag relevant to the Lexus or BMW analogy. Indeed, you can spend $500 less and get a solid stroller.

But you will not get recycled PET nylon canopies or a bamboo-derived fabric used on the seats that “naturally absorbs moisture and regulates temperature,” as the brand guarantees.

The Indie Twin’s aluminum frame is built as solid as a bike. A svelte design offers two seats, pockets, fold-up canopies, and a basket area for gear underneath.

The stroller is made mainly of metal and cloth. There is very little plastic. It feels solid to grip its wide handle with kids inside.

Its 12-inch tube tires inflate with a bike pump and roll over almost anything in a path ahead.

Granted, this is no jog stroller. There is no hand brake, and with four wheels it’s less maneuverable than I prefer for exercising with kids.

Bumbleride Indie Twin.jpg

 Packs up amazingly small

 But I do run some with the stroller. It excels as an all-around baby pusher, from short jogs, to trail hikes, to everyday use.

This summer we have put the two-seater through some heck with our 3-year-old, an infant, and a kindergartner who hops in and out as we push ahead on a path.

Though it’s not marketed as a stroller for the outdoors, the Indie can work in the woods. We load up its gear basket under the seat and push off-road at parks or campgrounds through grass and mud.

The frame and tubed tires absorb the bumps. The wheels are wide enough to roll through sand on a trail or across stretches of a beach.

The seats recline. Huge sun canopies fold over little passengers, creating a cave under dark, moisture-wicking fabrics where a kid can sleep.

When it’s time to drive home, the Indie folds up incredibly small. Its bulk stows away via an origami-like hinged frame that shrinks the stroller to a fit-in-the-trunk 32 × 29 × 15-inch package.

Bumbleride Indie Stroller.jpg

 Marketed to a demographic concerned with “luxury”

It weighs 34 pounds. That’s acceptably light for the stroller’s size. Its capacity is 90 pounds, allowing for a couple kids and some gear to come for the ride.

Are all the niceties worth the big bucks? Bumbleride doesn’t shy from the “luxury stroller” theme — the company uses that exact term in its marketing campaign.

If you want to get a top-end ride for kids, the Indie Twin is a solid choice. It’s also not too far out of line pricewise with similar double strollers from Chariot and Bob.

You can buy any number of other models to save some serious dough. The “luxury SUV” has its perks. But no doubt for most parents and kids a common minivan-like model will do.

Full article: http://gearjunkie.com/bumbleride-indie-twin-stroller

2013 Indie Twin Video Review by Baby Gizmo

2013 Indie Twin review bumbleride best twin stroller

We didn’t do a formal review of the Bumbleride Indie Twin last year because there just weren’t any changes. 2013 is different though! This year, Bumbleride has made a few modifications to make the Indie Twin even better than it was before.

First, we’ll highlight the changes. Then we’ll list out the specs of the stroller and finally you’ll watch the video review to see it all up close and personal!


NEW FABRICS: The entire Bumbleride collection will now come in the Natural fabric. That’s right, the “Movement” and the “Classic” are out and the eco-friendly fabrics are all in. We’re really happy with this change because we like the Natural fabrics. The interior of the stroller is made of a bamboo, nylon blend that will wick away moisture from the little rider’s body and the exterior fabric on the Natural Edition strollers is made of a recycled polyester blend.

NEW COLORS for 2013: Jet Black, Aquamarine, Cayenne Red, Fog Grey, Green Papyrus, and Lotus (pink/blue)

BUMPER BAR: Included Bumper Bar (adjusts down just for fold)

CAR SEAT ADAPTER: Universal Car Seat Adapter Bar now included and compatible with:

    • Graco Snugride
    • Graco Snugride 32
    • Graco Snugride 35
    • Peg Perego Primo Viaggio SP 30/30
    • Chicco Keyfit 30
    • Combi Shuttle
    • Baby Trend Flex Loc
    • Britax Chaperone

NEW HARNESS:  A new harness features a stronger center release button and 3 to 5 point breakaway shoulder straps which help with a faster connection and prevents entanglement.

IMPROVED PEEK-A-BOO WINDOW: Dark mesh peek-a-boo window


Seat Width: 12″

Seat Back: 19″

Seat Back to Canopy: 23″

Seat Recline: Nearly flat with a strap system

Canopy: HUGE with peek-a-boo window with dark mesh

Basket: HUGE and accessible.

Tires: 12″ air-filled (no tire pump included!)

Harness: 5-point

Handle: Adjustable: 27″ – 42″

Stroller Locks: 2 MANUAL locks

Travel System? Yes, with included universal adapter.

Carrycot: Yes, but sold separately.

Price: $729