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“With summer quickly approaching, I’m sure you’re starting to plan vacations as well as making a list of “must-haves” that you need to take with you. If you have small children, a stroller is absolutely a necessity. I have had the opportunity to review many strollers over the past few years and Bumblerideis one of my favorite brands. The quality always exceeds my expectations and they have many of the features that I’ve come to expect in a stroller. They recently sent me the Bumbleride Natural Edition – Indie Ocean Stroller.

Bumbleride is an innovative lifestyle company that creates baby mobility products for today’s modern family. Founded in 2004 by Matthew and Emily Reichardt, new parents at the time, they were met with disappointment while shopping for a stroller for their daughter. This noticeable gap in the stroller market led the Reichardt’s to do what most would not: they set out to design and manufacture their own line of high-quality, modern strollers with eye-catching colors and innovative features. This led to the Natural Edition collection available spring 2011.

Natural Edition is a product of Bumbleride’s passion for the environment as well as the use of innovative materials. It features a blend of recycled and bamboo fabrics tailored to give your little one an ultra-soft touch. The seat lining of Natural Edition is woven using a soft fiber mix, including bamboo, which has the natural ability to absorb moisture, regulate temperature, and inhibit bacterial growth. The exterior fabric is made with 50% recycled material. This Bumbleride collection was inspired by and designed for the eco-minded parent looking for a more refined fabric and aesthetic. Natural Edition is the first edition from Bumbleride to offer recycled and natural fabrics and offers what eco-minded and refined design-focused parents have long been waiting for.

The Indie is incredibly adjustable. In the first picture you see the handle all the way up, the seat sitting all the way up, the canopy back, and the footrest down. The second picture shows the handle down, the seat all the way down, the canopy down, and the footrest up(perfect for if you’re using an infant carrier).  There are infinite possibilities between the two extremes….

The wheels are awesome. It features a 360 degree swiveling front wheel with forward and rear facing locking positions. Indie’s rear wheel suspension and 12″ air-inflated tires, keep you rolling over any type of terrain. This stoller was made for vacations! I have taken many strollers out on the beach and if the tires aren’t large, then it won’t make it in the sand….

As always, I’m very happy with this Bumbleride Stroller. I’m very excited that they’ve come out with “environmentally friendly” fabrics for their strollers. I like that it sits up a little higher than some of our others – kids always like sitting up. I do wish that it was a little lighter and a little more compact, but if that was the case, then the storage basket and wheels wouldn’t be as large. I really enjoy having such a large storage space.”

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“The Bumbleride Indie is a fabulous stroller. Gorgeous colors, light, easy to use, great ride and delivered complete with everything you need right in the box. The Indie offers a smooth ride and a comfy seat for your child plus is a joy to push. It’s such a smooth and easy ride that you might just feel like running, I did. Rated for light jogging, you’re all set if you want to take a jog in the park and it will not let you down if you ever need to chase down a rogue toddler. No wobbly wheels here, this stroller will take you anywhere you want to go in style.

I tested an Indie with 3 of my children, 9 months & 20 pounds, 23 months & 25 pounds and my hefty 40 pound 3 year old. All three loved the stroller and no matter who was on board or where we went, it was effortless to push. We rolled over bumpy terrain, broken sidewalks, popped curbs, took very long walks and a few quick runs, darted through crowded streets and visited the Farmer’s market. The canopy is so amazing that we had no need for the rain cover when it started to pour and my 3 year old loved the privacy it gave him when he pulled it all the way down. Pushing one handed was not a problem, so even with my heavier 3 year old on board I could easily hold the hand of another child or carry a cup of coffee or answer my cell phone. He’s very tall, built like a tank and started filling stroller seats before he hit 2, but he had ample room in the Indie. Despite the generous space for my 3 year old, everything adjusted right down for my 9 mo old as well and she loved the adjustable footrest. All three riders were easily accommodated and loved the ride. I truly love everything about it.”

2010 Bumbleride Winter Photo Contest Winner Highlight


Congratulations to Aly Tyefisher Hodgson on winning the 2010 Bumbleride Winter Photo Contest! Here is her Bumbleride experience:

“The Bumbleride Indie was recommended to me when I was 6 months pregnant by my little sister. She doesn’t have children so had no real reason to recommend the Bumbleride except it was the best looking stroller she had seen. We did some research and everywhere we looked Amazon, Baby Gizmo, Toy’s R Us all agreed the Bumbleride Indie was the stroller to have. I am a huge believer there is no single stroller for everyone, you have to find the one that works for you and your family. And the Indie is the one for us. Every aspect of the Bumbleride has met or exceeded our expectations. I love that the stroller is so versatile. One of the features that make it so versatile is the inflatable wheels. I am so grateful for the inflatable wheels and that the front wheel can be locked into place which allows the stroller to be just as wonderful in strollercize classes as the shopping at the mall. The Indie can handle fresh fallen snow in Alberta, Canada as well as the beaches of the Pacific Ocean. It travels great by plane, as well as 2 week long road trips. I know it can handle all these things because we have done it. Wherever we have been in the last 2 years it has come with us.

Not only has the stroller itself surpassed my expectations but so has the customer service. Anytime I have had a question I can just ask on their facebook fan page and get a quick response. I have emailed customer service with a question regarding the front wheel and they responded right away and help me solve the problem (which was a user error, not a malfunction).

Another feature I love about the Bumbleride are the accessories, the foot muff (very important in Alberta, Canada) and the Snack Pack are two of our favorite. I was uncertain about the snack pack but it just makes the stroller. In our winter photo you can see it but my son brought along 9 little bath animals to keep him company on his walk. It is the perfect size for a drink, snacks or bath toys J And easy to clean.

As a mom I know how hard it is to know your making the right choice especially on something as important as a stroller. When friends ask I always recommend the Indie. Two years later my sister is pregnant and I told her she just has to get the Indie not only because it’s the best looking stroller you’ll ever see but it’s the most practical one too!”

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GEAR & STYLE– “The lightweight Bumbleride Indie (in Spice) loves pebbles as much as pavement with three 12-inch air-filled tires.  A front wheel lock easily converts the Indie into a jogging stroller, because you never know when you’ll want to break into a sprint | $400,”