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As Part of Broader Website Redesign, Opens the Gates to Evaluations of Washing Machines to Razors

Marketers, get ready: Your products’ performance in Good Housekeeping testing is going public, even if you’d rather it didn’t. has started displaying roughly 1,200 product reviews and letter grades in 129 categories, with plans to have 3,000 product evaluations posted by year’s end. Readers previously only saw selected results of Good Housekeeping Research Institute lab tests, primarily those for products being recommended in the magazine’s print edition.

“For the first time consumers and marketers will be able to see how products were rated by the Institute, not just the products that were rated and then became part of the final print editorial, but all of them,” said Mark Weinberg, VP-programming and product strategy at Hearst Magazines Digital Media.

That means consumers can not only see that the Bumbleride Indie Stroller earned an A- in Good Houskeeping testing but that the Uppababy Vista Stroller got a B+ and the Maxi Cosi Loola Stroller only got a C+.

Big brand names also get marks in categories including HDTVs (where contenders all got a B- or better), washing machines (which earned grades from A- to C), razors (none earned a grade below B+) and self-tanners (none got above a B+).

The expanded ratings push Good Housekeeping further into a field of product evaluations already occupied by Consumer Reports and burgeoning consumer reviews on the web. But Good Housekeeping’s results are free, unlike Consumer Reports, and likely carry more authority than reviews by strangers on, say, “There’s a raft of research now that all points in this direction, that quality, branded, knowledgeable reviews and authoritative recommendations and research are — short of the referral from your friend — probably the single biggest decision driver in the consumer world,” Mr. Weinberg said. had 1.8 million unique visitors in August, 35% more than in August 2010, according to ComScore.

Many of its product reviews also include price comparisons from and e-commerce links. Good Housekeeping gets a modest financial benefit from transactions, Mr. Weinberg said.

New accessibility for Good Housekeeping Research Institute testing came about as part of broader changes to, including a redesign, new features and better integration of social-media tools. The site has also been rebuilt in HTML5, allowing it to work well on a range of mobile devices, in a shift that Hearst plans to duplicate at its other sites.

Bumbleride Indie: An Unbelivable All Terrain Jogging Stroller – The Toy Queen

Toy Queen Bumbleride Indie Review All Terrain Jogging Stroller

2 1/2 years ago I was “that girl” doing the pregnant waddle up and down the aisles of Babies “R” Us creating my baby registry.  I remember being completely overwhelmed by all of the choices available, but there were was one main reason why I liked being able to walk right into the big box store. I liked the hands-on experience of being able to touch and maneuver various strollers, high chairs and car seats, so I could really see what features I liked and which ones didn’t seem to matter. I wish an all terrain jogging stroller like the Bumbleride Indie had been on my mind from the very beginning.

That being said I totally screwed up purchasing my initial stroller.  I was really focused on not buying a ‘”snap and go stroller,” which can only be used for a few months. Though my choice was lightweight, it had horrible tires that were really difficult to push on our bumpy, uneven sidewalks. A month before my due date we wandered into Isis Parenting in Boston and got a taste of some of the cadillac stroller brands, but I thought $280 was a lot, paying up to $500 on a stroller, was at the time, completely unimaginable.

This spring Gavin turned 18 months, the weather got warmer and I realized we had this big expensive nothing taking up real estate in my car trunk. Last summer, we tried to go to a state park with a gravel path, which was a nightmare because we couldn’t push the stroller on the terrain. This summer I decided we couldn’t be limited to indoor experiences, so I started out on a hunt for a replacement, this time, I wouldn’t limit myself to the price tag.  So I cancelled my gym membership and decided we’d invest in a stroller that would allow our family some affordable, outdoor entertainment.

To make a long story short, as a media representative I ended up attending a high-end baby show for new and expectant parents in Boston.  My husband and I spent some time on the demo floor, with a new stroller becoming our focus and priority.

I believe that some things in life are meant to happen in a certain order. Every brand name, high-end stroller was there, along with a sales rep, for me to test out and get great “hands-on” time. The only product that left a lasting impression on me was the Bumbleride Indie. Not only did I love the product, the company sales rep was friendly, knowledgable, personable and took the time to answer all of our questions.

So we bit the bullet and a few weeks later purchased one for about $500. The Bumbleride Indie is an unbelievable all terrain jogging stroller and on pavement is effortless to push. Let’s face it, if I’m going to exercise on a walk, pushing a 30 lb. kid in a 30 lb. stroller is enough for me  to talk myself out of it in the first place. Additional features this stroller has that I love include a very large spf 45 sun canopy that reflects heat and beads water like I’ve never seen, a pretty easy fold (though it does require two hands), all with the total weight of the stroller being under 20 lbs., which I can easily lift up and out of our SUV. We can fit this stroller in the trunk of our Honda Accord pretty easily, as long as there isn’t a lot of other stuff in the trunk. The tires are air filled, which I like, and it’s easy to maneuver up/down curbs. Though we haven’t needed this feature, it is infant car seat compatible, right out of the box. 

The seat moves forward and backward to a full recline, but I do feel that the clip can sometimes be a real challenge to maneuver, especially with Gavin in the stroller.  The basket underneath fits my purse and small diaper bag easily. The front wheel can rotate or also be in a fixed position to manage different terrain. There is also an Indie double stroller version for those of  you with more than one child different ages or twins.

We take this stroller everywhere. It turns on a dime with one finger maneuvering on pavement and easily fits through the small aisles at the mall. The foam handle bar can be adjusted to several positions, making it comfortable for me to push, and I’m pretty short.  Though I find it comfortable to push, I do wish the handlebar moved in smaller increments, allowing for even more versatility.

Bumbleride sells additional accessories that include a Snack Pack (tray), Carrycot, Footmuff & Liner, Non-PVC Rain Shield, Travel Case, a latch-on Maxi Cosi Car Seat Adapter, and additional cup holders.

Gavin calls our Indie his “bike”  and he requests a “ride” pretty much every day. It maneuvered great on a packed gravel trails in the woods, but after taking a wrong turn we had to carry the stroller with Gavin in it up a rooted hill. Bonus to this stroller being only 20 lbs. with two people having to carry it, it was definitely manageable.

We have used it at the beach on both hard and soft sand. It was easier for me to use two hands and pull it backwards up over the dunes on the soft sand, and this was definitely a workout to say the least. It manuevered fine on the hard packed sand, it just required a little more effort to push than what is typical on the pavement.

We have brought it to an amusement park. The last thing Gavin wanted to do was get in and out of the stroller, but we found out by accident that the handle can be positioned completely in a downward position, easy enough for him to push, and let me tell you, this feature alone, which Bumbleride has told me was not really intentional, has saved our lives many times with our independent and impulsive toddler.

In a few weeks my husband and I hope to start the Couch to 5K program together, and I know that the Bumbleride Indie will be instrumental in our ability to successfully complete this program together with a toddler in tow.

I used to have the problem trying to get Gavin in the stroller, now he cries when we get back home or to the car because he does not want to get out!

So let me leave you with the lesson I learned:

If you don’t like what the big box store has to offer, search for a baby expo or high end baby store in the area you live that might carry some different, high-end brands like Bumbleride. Get in there and push those strollers around. Fold them, lift them and experience them. No-one says you have to be the one to buy it right then and there. Drop a few hints to your friends and family members arranging your shower that this is something that you’d love for people to pool some money in on to offset the cost, and don’t be cheap, it will just cost you more money in the long run.

We purchased the Bumbleride Indie in Jet ourselves. The  opinions shared in this post are truly my own.

Bumbleride has offered to send a Snack Pack, Footmuff & Liner and additional cup holder for free, so stay tuned for a possible additional post in more detail on the accessories.

People Magazine- Moms and Babies- Natural Indie Review- “…hands down the Bumbleride Indie Natural Edition is one of the best strollers on the market.”


In life, there are many important relationships, including girlfriend and boyfriend… husband and wife… and mother and stroller. When picking a life partner, er, um, stroller, one should always make sure they are compatible before committing.

Will it hold up through the hard times and can it cruise when life is smooth sailing? Does it match your core values? Weighing in at a reasonable 20 pounds, the Bumbleride Indie Natural Edition ($500) had us at ergo.

Things We Like:

Where do we begin! Gliding with ease when pushed, the fully adjustable seat allows an even cozier ride when baby falls asleep. And while it maneuvers like a dream, it offers a smooth break with a simple push of the foot locking both wheels at the same time.

There’s also enough storage room for all your baggage. And to make our hearts race even more, it folds easily, complete with a strap to carry it. With an ample canopy that keeps the sun out, there’s also a pocket for storage and a peek-a-boo window so you can see your child.

But most of all, it’s made with a super soft blend of recycled and bamboo fabrics which has the natural ability to absorb moisture, regulate temperature and inhibit bacterial growth. So if you’re an eco-minded parent, this sleek ride was made for you.

Things We Didn’t Like:

It can’t wash the dishes? Seriously, for once we’re speechless.

Moms & Babies Rating:

Eco-friendly, easy to store, padded for extra baby comfort and roomy enough for your child to enjoy through the preschool years, hands down the Bumbleride Indie Natural Edition is one of the best strollers on the market. In other words, like Brad Pitt, it proves some crushes are universal. reviews the 2011 Indie featuring Classic, Natural and Movement Fabric Sets


“The Bumbleride Indie 2011 is the same Indie we have grown to love with just a few minor changes to the actual stroller itself. All the changes are to the fabrics! 2011 is all about fabric choices for the Indie. Bumbleride has introduced two new fabric editions that are available in addition to the Classic Collection. Before we explain the new editions, let’s take a brief look at the Indie itself and the few changes.

So, what is different about the Indie 2011? There are four changes:

1. The Indie rain cover has been redesigned. It is non pvc but it is no longer included with the stroller. You have to buy it separately. Bumbleride removed it as an included accessory due to consumer feedback because not all mamas live in rainy climates. We aren’t going to lie. We’d like it included. Where are these places that it doesn’t rain ever? We’d like to live there!
2. An air pump is no longer included. This isn’t a big deal since we found that Bumbleride air pump didn’t work well anyway.
3. The Indie canopy has been redesigned to include an SPF 45 lining.
4. A Maxi Cosi locking infant adapter bar will be available for purchase separately.

If you are a sporty parent, we think the Movement Edition is for you! The Movement Edition sports a stretchy, water resistant sport fabric, SPF 45 sun canopies and two striking color combinations. When visualizing this edition, think athletic wear with a slick, light feel that will be excellent in hotter weather. That is what the fabric is like. It’s sportier, it’s water-resistant and the fabric just feels lighter because it’s thinner. The Movement Edition is available in black with a turquoise piping and in gray with orange piping.

Maybe you aren’t a sporty parent? Maybe you are a green, eco-friendly parent? If so, the Natural Edition is for you!

The Bumbleride Natural Edition is for the eco-minded mama that is looking for a more natural choice. The interior of the stroller is made of a bamboo, nylon blend that will wick away moisture from the body and is a higher thread count than the other fabrics. The exterior fabric on the Natural Edition strollers is made of a recycled polyester blend. This edition is available in two fabulous colors: Ocean (a deep blue) and Walnut (a chocolate brown). And what we love about these colors is that they are subtle with no funky contrasting colors. Just blue or just brown! Very simple. Plus, we can tell that the fabric is softer than the Classic Bumbleride fabric.

Not sure the Movement Edition or the Natural Edition is right for you? Good thing the Classic Collection is still available and offers the most color choices. The Classic fabrics are lower thread count, not as water resistant as Movement or Natural and not quite a soft, but they are still fabulous. The Classic colors include Ruby (red), Lava (black), Vita (pink) and Seagrass (green).

Overall, we think there is a great Bumbleride Indie fabric choice for everyone whether you are looking for the standard Classic, sporty new Movement or the eco-friendly Natural.”