Fabric with a purpose


Since launching our ‘Natural Edition’ strollers featuring a recycled polyester outer shell and bamboo blended interior, we have been interested in other companies that take advantage of such innovative materials.

Timberland is one of them, using recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate in their ‘Earthkeepers’ clothing line. Learn more about it here.

Recycled PET is consisted of plastic bottles, creating stronger tensile strength than normal fabrics. It can also be made to be soft to the touch and very durable.

It’s cool to think that each Bumbleride ‘Natural Edition’ stroller uses about 13.5 recycled plastic bottles for it’s outer shell fabric! We’re excited to be using this material and hope to be able to take advantage of it more in the future.

“Bumbleride Natural Edition Indie Baby Stroller Offers Go Anywhere Ease”- Inhabitots.com


“The Bumbleride Natural Edition Indie stroller is not your average all-terrain stroller. Bumbleride Indie and Indie Twin are equipped with 12″ air filled tires to help smooth out the bumpiest of terrains. With Bumbleride, you and your tot (or tots) can easily stroll city streets, but you can just as easily venture onto nature. Bumbleride’s wheels can manage rough walking trails at parks, cruise the beach and other not-so-easy terrains. Beyond the anywhere-goes convenience of owning a Bumbleride, these strollers have some cool eco-minded features in place as well, not to mention a modern, stylish design.

Each sleek Bumbleride Natural Edition Indie stroller features exterior fabric that’s made with 50% recycled material. Better yet, all seating surfaces are made with 50% bamboo fiber, a rapidly renewable and quick growing material, which is the ideal eco-friendly seating surface for your baby because it naturally helps regulate your baby’s body temperature and allows for natural moisture absorption – awesome since babies can get overheated and sweaty fast! Best of all, Bumbleride Natural Edition Indie and Indie Twin are available in two colors, Walnut and Ocean, that won’t show off all that dirt you and your baby accumulate on your nature adventures. If you’re looking for the eco-friendly stroller features above, but in a lighter, less rough-and-tough package, then you’ll want to check out Bumbleride Flite. Flite blends the eco-features found in Indie, but with smaller tires and a super lightweight aluminum frame that folds up ultra-slim so you can easily stow it away in the tightest of spaces.”


People Magazine- Moms and Babies- Natural Indie Review- “…hands down the Bumbleride Indie Natural Edition is one of the best strollers on the market.”


In life, there are many important relationships, including girlfriend and boyfriend… husband and wife… and mother and stroller. When picking a life partner, er, um, stroller, one should always make sure they are compatible before committing.

Will it hold up through the hard times and can it cruise when life is smooth sailing? Does it match your core values? Weighing in at a reasonable 20 pounds, the Bumbleride Indie Natural Edition ($500) had us at ergo.

Things We Like:

Where do we begin! Gliding with ease when pushed, the fully adjustable seat allows an even cozier ride when baby falls asleep. And while it maneuvers like a dream, it offers a smooth break with a simple push of the foot locking both wheels at the same time.

There’s also enough storage room for all your baggage. And to make our hearts race even more, it folds easily, complete with a strap to carry it. With an ample canopy that keeps the sun out, there’s also a pocket for storage and a peek-a-boo window so you can see your child.

But most of all, it’s made with a super soft blend of recycled and bamboo fabrics which has the natural ability to absorb moisture, regulate temperature and inhibit bacterial growth. So if you’re an eco-minded parent, this sleek ride was made for you.

Things We Didn’t Like:

It can’t wash the dishes? Seriously, for once we’re speechless.

Moms & Babies Rating:

Eco-friendly, easy to store, padded for extra baby comfort and roomy enough for your child to enjoy through the preschool years, hands down the Bumbleride Indie Natural Edition is one of the best strollers on the market. In other words, like Brad Pitt, it proves some crushes are universal. 


Cool Mom Picks-“Bumbleride Indie Natural Edition – the stroller of our dreams”


“When I say I have found the stroller of my dreams, you’d better believe it.

Bumbleride Indie Natural Edition is that very thing, and here’s why.

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What are my requirements for the perfect stroller? First, glideability (if that’s a word). I want wheels that lock when I’m feeling sporty, and unlock when I want to take it slow. I want my passenger to feel cozy and content, even while maneuvering the most difficult of city terrain. I want air tires to help ithandle both dirt roads and potholes. And I want the thing to collapse with ease. Oh, and not weigh a ton.

Too much to ask?

Well Bumbleride delivers.

Every detail has been carefully executed. While the Bumbleride rolls like a chariot, it weighs in at just about twenty pounds. It is super easy to fold and unfold (promise, I did it several times). It has great storage space, and a super huge sun canopy and a sunroof, too. Score! Your wee one can be completely shaded and still feel the breeze through his locks. And the adjustable handle height means everyone in the family can take turns pushing the baby around. Mama needs a break too, right?

This is more than a mode of transportation for your sweet little babe; this is an eye-catching set of wheels. The fabric is an eco-friendly blend of recycled and bamboo fabric and it feels delicious. The 8 color options are lush and rich.

I am also delighted to tell you that a car seat adapter is not an extra accessory you need to buy. It comes with a bar that functions as a bumper bar or an infant seat adaptor, for major brands like Graco Snugride. (You do have to pay for a different one if you have a Maxi-Cosi infant seat though.)

The optional accessories are also way cool. We tried out the Snack Pack and the germophobe in me just loved it. My biggest pet peeve with snacks left out on a tray at any public place is all of the eager hands going in for the kill. Sure, it builds the immune system, but Bumbleride’s Snack Pack is gloriously enclosed. Phew.

Now on the down side, this stroller is a bit pricey, but I assure you you get your money’s worth. It is an investment that will happily stay strong no matter how uneven the sidewalk.

That being said, I always think about how mothers survive in NYC. This is not a stroller that you can easily carry down subway stairs and collapse in time to get on said subway. When you are paying so much money for a stroller, it should FLY down those subway stairs and make you a Bloody Mary. Just sayin.


Find the Bumbleride Indie Natural Edition online from Bumbleride. And thanks for the stroller provided for us to review and fall in love with. Which we did. ”


Mama Natural gives Natural Indie her seal of approval!


In the world of babies, buying a stroller is the equivalent of buying a car. It’s a big investment and you want to make the right choice. Mike and I hemmed and hawed over all the different options out there… do we want all terrain wheels, or a city stroller; one with ample luggage space or one that’s compact and lightweight?

We avoided the decision altogether for the first 6 months of Griffin’s life by buying an inexpensive yet pretty effective stroller frame that his car seat easily plugged into.

But as Griff continued to grow, we knew we had to make a decision. So the research began. And it was frustrating. We couldn’t seem to find just the right stroller. Like Goldilocks, this stroller was too big, that stroller was too small, this stroller wasn’t good on multiple surfaces, and that stroller was just plain ugly. LOL!

And then…. Mike stumbled upon the Bumbleride Indie Natural Edition stroller. And like Cinderella, the shoe fit perfectly!

Here’s what’s so great about the Indie…

  • It’s the only stroller you need from infancy to toddlerhood with a standard baby seat adapter
  • It has an adjustable seat that gives you a lay-flat option (great for serious baby napping)
  • It also has an adjustable leg rest for your growing baby and an adjustable handle bar for mom who’s 5’5 and dad who’s 6’1
  • It has a large cargo space so mommy can run serious errands and store her stuff
  • It has a serious canopy that gives you FULL sun protection
  • It’s all 12 inch wheels and rear suspension gives you great mobility on everything from cement to stones
  • Its front wheel locks, perfect for jogging. It also contains a jogging strap for greater flexibility
  • It’s “lightweight” at 20 pounds compared to other jogging strollersIt folds up and comes apart like a dream
  • It’s designed in the USA and the company was started by new parents who knew what parents wanted in a stroller

In particular, the Indie Natural Edition, includes:

  • 50% recycled materials are used for the stroller’s fabric
  • 50% of the seating material is made out of temperature-regulating and eco-friendly bamboo
  • Comes in a warm, chocolate brown and rich lapis blue color

My only complaint is that it doesn’t have a kick stand or some other type of apparatus that allows you to set the folded up stroller vertically. We installed a hook near our backdoor where we hang the stroller and solves this issue perfectly.

If you’re in the market for a new stroller, be sure to check the Indie Natural Edition. At nearly $500, it’s definitely an investment but it is the only stroller you need from newborn to toddler. Plus, we’ve seen firsthand how comfortable Griffin is in this ride. We love it. And we’re so very thankful to Bumbleride for the chance to try it out. Mama Natural gives it her seal of approval!