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Simple Moms Reversible Handle Flyer Stroller Review and Giveaway

My fourth and final baby is currently on the eve of taking his very first steps. My guess is that sometime this week it will happen, and hopefully I’ll be present to see him hit this milestone.

And wouldn’t you know it, as my youngest grows increasingly older, our one and only (10 year old) stroller recently died on us. She was a hard workin’ lady, but after four children and hundreds of miles under her wheels, she was tired. Her wheels literally started to fall off her crumb covered body.

Clearly, a mom to four young kids cannot be without a stroller! So I naturally started shopping and doing my research. And to nobody’s surprise at all, my heart landed directly on Bumbleride. Specifically, the Flyer.


When the stroller arrived, I waited for my husband to get home so we could put it together as a team. I do a lot of things well, but baby gear assembly is typically not one of those things. But from start to finish, the stroller only took around 10 minutes to assemble. Super easy, and without an ounce of frustration from either of us, which is always a nice bonus.

Once put together, we took her outside (strollers are female, right?), for her maiden voyage.  And then I heard it, the compliment of all compliments:

“Wow, this thing is actually really nice.” – said my husband.

You guys, he never EVER says nice things about baby gear. My husband complains about ALL baby gear. The way it’s constructed, the lack of functions, everything is always flawed in some way, shape, or form. But in one short walk around the neighborhood (where he stopped every few minutes to test out a feature or make an adjustment), our lady Bumbleride had won him over.

So yeah, it’s a slick ride. But what else makes the Bumbleride Flyer THE stroller to rule above all strollers?

the bumbleride flyer stroller

Let’s take a minute to “talk stroller”:

You can can catch up on the details and tech specs here, but I would love just for a few minutes to touch on a few specifics that personally sold me on the Flyer:

1. The handlebar is reversible. Basically, by switching the way the handlebar is orientated (which is so easy to do), baby can either be facing you (oh hello mommy) or facing the world. Additionally, the height of the handle bar is adjustable, making it super nice for anyone of any height to use the stroller (I’m 5’3″ and my husband is 6’3″, so this feature is key).

2. The ride is exceptionally smooth, and it turns on a dime. Because both the front and rear wheels swivel independently, maneuvering the stroller is a cake walk. And on that same note, both front and back wheels can effortlessly be locked and unlocked with the quick release wheel locking system. Making whatever terrain you’re covering a smooth ride and handle.

3. The canopy is generously sized. We took the Flyer with us on vacation to the beach, and because of the large adjustable sun canopy, I was able to keep baby Paul out of the sun at all times.

4. The back seat reclines all the way back, to a flat position. Translated: impromptu naps on the go are not problem at all. And reclining from sitting to laying flat is a very smooth and quite transition if you have a baby that falls asleep in the upright position.

5. It’s compact. While there are smaller/lighter/tighter strollers on the market, in my opinion the Flyer is still very compact, without sacrificing any of the truly wonderful bells and whistles (like my favorite feature, the adjustable footrest). The stroller fits really well in the back of my minivan, with plenty of cargo room to spare. Also worth noting, it only weighs 19 pounds!

Basically, we are in huge love.

Good design + amazing function = one happy set of parents.

 So what do you think? Have I convinced you that you need a Flyer, regardless of if you’re adding it to your first child’s baby registry or swapping it out for a decade old ride like me?

Bumbleride Flyer stroller :: $420 (although right now it’s listed at $299 on the company’s website!)

Enter to win your own Flyer here,!

Motherhood Unadorned shares her 2 year Flyer experience – An Attachment Parent’s Stroller? Yes, Indeed. The Bumbleride Flyer.


“He outgrew his infant stroller system (car seat facing us in the stroller) at 7 months. So I went on a mission. I’m a bit of a research hound when I’m interested in something. John calls me The Research Queen. For months I was stroller obsessed. I couldn’t stop reading reviews, checking out strollers in stores, talking to friends, and stalking stroller owners I didn’t even know. I wanted to find the perfect stroller for us and my dear sweet shy boy.

Anyway, the point is, what I really wanted was a stroller with a reversible seat or handle so Ronin could happily face us when needed. Most options were exceedingly expensive, well over $500. But then I discovered the Flyer, a stroller with a reversible handle created by family-owned company Bumbleride. Parents Matthew and Emily Reichardt launched the company in 2004 after the birth of their first child. (They now have 3!)

The Flyer is not inexpensive by any means at over $300. But I can honestly say it has been, and continues to be, one of the best purchases we’ve made. Well worth the investment. And John agrees my stroller obsession paid off. We own the 2009 Bumbleride Flyer in Seagrass, purchased in April of 2009 when the new model was just released.”

“….For two years we’ve used the Bumbleride Flyer. It’s stood the test of time with our two kids. It is absolutely our Go-To stroller when we need one. (And we’ve had four strollers since Ronin’s birth and this is the ONLY one we still use.)

I still babywear a lot (Ellie’s a lighter munchkin than my big boy) but sometimes you just need the freedom. Especially for moms like me who’ve suffered from PPD & depression. I always want to stay connected to my kids but sometimes much needed “carry breaks” are very welcome.

These days, Ellie and Ronin actually fight over sitting in it. And yes folks, he’s 3 1/2 and quite tall and still naps in it once in a while. I just LOVE those days. Sigh.”

Fit Pregnancy


BUMBLERIDE FLYER– You get all the bells and whistles, including a universal car-seat adapter and full recline for newborns. Birth to 45lbs.

New Parent Magazine

FLEXIBLE FREEDOM– The look: sporty and cool, the hook: a reversible handle easily flips positions so you can choose whether your baby watches you or what’s ahead. Best for: families on the go who like options and flexibility.