Selecting the Perfect Stroller. It’s a Big Deal.-

Babble 10 items worth plurging on
Babble 10 items worth plurging on
Figuring what stroller is best suited for you and your baby doesn’t sound like it would be that big of deal, right?

I mean, you go to the store, pick out the prettiest one, and wheel it out of the store. Right?

Oh, how I wish it was that simple. For me, choosing “the perfect ride” has been anything but simple.

Being pregnant with my 4th child, I’ve gone through a few strollers in my day. Actually, I’m on the hunt again, as my very first stroller (the one I registered for over 8 years ago, officially bit the dust this summer).

So where do you start the search?

On the internet, of course! Babble just came out with a stroller guide, that I’ve been devouring top to bottom.

The guide highlights all different stroller types, the different features to consider, and then helps you navigate through the important stuff like cost, your lifestyle, and safety.

I’m currently looking for an all around stroller that will fit both my newborn and my 2-year-old (although not at the same time, just a single ride that can accommodate both). Right now, my two top contenders are currently the Bumbleride Flite or Indie.

And I guess I should probably make up my mind soon, as I’m due in only 3 weeks! (I’m secretly crossing my fingers Santa reads this post.)

What stroller do you have? What stroller would you recommend?

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ParentDish Double Strollers: Best Jogging Strollers


”Launched as Bumbleride’s first side-by-side stroller, the Indie Twin accommodates both infants and older siblings and is compatible with infant car seat carriers. This top-of-the-line double jogging stroller is pricey at $600-plus, but premium features help justify the price tag. The independent seating system means you can adjust the backrests, canopies and footrests to fit both of your children’s unique needs. And the dual-front swiveling wheels make it easy to maneuver the stroller even at a fast pace.”