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@bumbleride has so generously provided their Speed jogging stroller, bassinet, and accessories in exchange for my honest review of their amazing products. I’m excited to let you know all about it! There are so many impressive aspects and features that make Bumbleride unique and the best choice in my opinion. . . They’re a company that is like-minded with outdoor companies such as Patagonia, the North Face, and others who strive to preserve the planet. Some ways they’re doing so is by making eco friendly fabrics from recycled plastic bottles and using dye processes that conserve water. . I like their straightforward, common sense design. It’s by far the best on the market in my opinion. Their clean, purpose-built design is the perfect balance between functionality and style. It’s the most aesthetically pleasing. The steering is engineered for easy strolling and turning. And the front wheel can be locked for your faster tempo runs. Other features that impress me are the adjustable handlebar and how incredibly compact it becomes once it’s folded. And it’s never been easier to fold a stroller, let alone a jogger! My husband was also very impressed by this. He thinks it’s better than any stroller we’ve used, and more compact than the smaller ones we’ve owned. He likes that it’s a stroller that can be your “one and only.” The assembly was very easy and simple. There’s nothing unnecessary in the sophisticated design. . Let me tell you about the bassinet. I’m in love with this accessory! Baby is so comfortable laying down inside. You can attach it with or without the seat fabric (I left mine in, placing the bassinet on top). They also have the option of a seat adapter that allows you to use your own infant carrier brand including Maxi Cosi, Cybex, Nuna, Peg Perego, Graco or Chicco. The bassinet is my favorite accessory. . I did my research on jogging strollers including the BOB and Thule brands, and nothing topped Bumbleride. This high-end stroller is sold all over the world and by fine retailers such as Pottery Barn Kids, as well as on their website bumbleride.com . #bumblerideadventures #bumbleride #postpartumtraining

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Cool Mom Picks-“Bumbleride Indie Natural Edition – the stroller of our dreams”


“When I say I have found the stroller of my dreams, you’d better believe it.

Bumbleride Indie Natural Edition is that very thing, and here’s why.

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What are my requirements for the perfect stroller? First, glideability (if that’s a word). I want wheels that lock when I’m feeling sporty, and unlock when I want to take it slow. I want my passenger to feel cozy and content, even while maneuvering the most difficult of city terrain. I want air tires to help ithandle both dirt roads and potholes. And I want the thing to collapse with ease. Oh, and not weigh a ton.

Too much to ask?

Well Bumbleride delivers.

Every detail has been carefully executed. While the Bumbleride rolls like a chariot, it weighs in at just about twenty pounds. It is super easy to fold and unfold (promise, I did it several times). It has great storage space, and a super huge sun canopy and a sunroof, too. Score! Your wee one can be completely shaded and still feel the breeze through his locks. And the adjustable handle height means everyone in the family can take turns pushing the baby around. Mama needs a break too, right?

This is more than a mode of transportation for your sweet little babe; this is an eye-catching set of wheels. The fabric is an eco-friendly blend of recycled and bamboo fabric and it feels delicious. The 8 color options are lush and rich.

I am also delighted to tell you that a car seat adapter is not an extra accessory you need to buy. It comes with a bar that functions as a bumper bar or an infant seat adaptor, for major brands like Graco Snugride. (You do have to pay for a different one if you have a Maxi-Cosi infant seat though.)

The optional accessories are also way cool. We tried out the Snack Pack and the germophobe in me just loved it. My biggest pet peeve with snacks left out on a tray at any public place is all of the eager hands going in for the kill. Sure, it builds the immune system, but Bumbleride’s Snack Pack is gloriously enclosed. Phew.

Now on the down side, this stroller is a bit pricey, but I assure you you get your money’s worth. It is an investment that will happily stay strong no matter how uneven the sidewalk.

That being said, I always think about how mothers survive in NYC. This is not a stroller that you can easily carry down subway stairs and collapse in time to get on said subway. When you are paying so much money for a stroller, it should FLY down those subway stairs and make you a Bloody Mary. Just sayin.


Find the Bumbleride Indie Natural Edition online from Bumbleride. And thanks for the stroller provided for us to review and fall in love with. Which we did. ”