Babble Blogger Favorites: Single Strollers 2012 – Indie

Babble Best single Stroller Indie all terrain

Babble Best All Terrain All-terrain stroller indie bumbleride


Bumbleride Indie

I’m not shy about being a Bumbleride fan. They might be pricey, but they sure are well made. 

Best for: A lighter-weight all-terrain stroller that’s capable of light jogging. It’s also a good option for eco-conscious parents, as Mountain Buggy offers a Natural Edition — with fabrics made from 50% recycled materials and sustainable bamboo fiber. 

Not best for: Super compact trunks, as the 12” air-filled tires aren’t exactly space saving. It’s also not meant for serious, heavy jogging — even though the wheels can be stabilized for when you feel like going for a run. 

Favorite features: Even though the wheels are hefty, the stroller still weighs a manageable 20 lbs. It’s similar to the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle in size, weight, and abilities, but Bumbleride has a few differences: First, it can’t turn into a parent-facing seat, except as an infant travel system. (But the Bumbleride has more car seat compatibility options than the Mountain Buggy, by the way.) It also doesn’t come with the extras of the Urban Jungle — like the bumper bar and cup holder. That being said, the Bumbleride feels a bit more maneuverable and “luxe,” and the full-coverage canopy has SPF 45 protection. 

To top it off: The Indie comes in an eco-friendly option (previously mentioned) and an active sport option, with water-resistant, breathable fabric. And the original Indie now comes in a pretty aqua that stands apart in a crowd. 

Age/Weight limits: Infant to 45 lbs.


Babble Blogger Favorites: Summer Strollers of 2012 – Babble – Family Style

Babble Favorite Summer Strollers of 2012 Bumbleride Indie AquaBabble Favorite Summer Strollers of 2012 Bumbleride Indie Aqua

Looking for a new ride for your little one? You’re in luck. Just like we did in the winter and spring, it’s time to round up the best new stroller releases of the season. Your favorite brands haven’t necessarily reinvented the wheel this season — but they came pretty close.

From a lightweight double umbrella stroller to the most innovative jogging stroller ever made (seriously — if you don’t believe me, read on!), here are the hottest new strollers to know about.

Babble Favorite Summer Strollers of 2012 Bumbleride Indie Aqua   Babble Favorite Summer Strollers of 2012 Bumbleride Indie Aqua

2012 Bumbleride AQUA

The newest Bumbleride addition is this beautiful aqua color, available in their all-terrain Indie, lightweight Flite, and their double Indie Twin models. 

Perfect for: Anyone who wants a stroller that’s as pretty as it is functional. 

Highlights: I’m a big Bumbleride fan, and this summery aqua color makes me love them even more. Other than the color, the only big change on the 2012 model is that a bumper bar isn’t included anymore. 

Bumbleride also has a brand new Parent Pack ($24.99), which comes with dual cup holders and a zippered compartment that folds down with your stroller. 

Buy from Bumbleride $249.99 – $689.99

10 Baby Items Worth Splurging On-

Babble 10 items worth plurging on
Babble 10 items worth plurging on
Babble 10 items worth plurging on

A stroller with all the bells and whistles. Perfect for infancy on up.

 Creating a baby registry for the first time can be both fun and overwhelming. So many choices! So many decisions! A million different price points!

Sometimes, it’s really hard to know when to splurge, and when to save. Oftentimes, It’s solely a matter of personal preference (and of course budget limitations).

Over the past seven years, I’ve spent the bulk of my time either pregnant or caring for a newborn. I’ve tested and tried a lot of baby gear, some which has proven to be awesome, some, not so much.

Recently, I created a “wish list” of items I completely believe are worth the extra splurge. Baby gear that is completely indulgent, but worth every single penny spent.

Babble names Indie Twin Best Luxury Double Stroller for 2010


“After we assembled the Bumbleride, we stepped back, had a look and thought Hmm, maybe twins wouldn’t be so bad. It won’t be as convenient in tight, urban settings, but it would make a wonderful addition to family vacas and long, leisurely walks. And if you want to take it shopping, the Bumbleride can comfortably fit through any standard doorway with exceptional maneuverability. Plus, the features are off the charts: Plush seating, cushioned handle bars, an extra large sun canopy and lots of storage make it one of the most comfortable rides we tested. It can also handle uneven terrain and off-road hills better than most.”