Be Eco On The Go (With Three Kids In Tow)

Be Eco On The Go (With 3 Kids In Tow) 

Hi, I’m Jill.  

Wife to a banker by day and surfer when the waves are good. Mama to Brooklyn (almost 4), Max (almost 2), and Baby Boy #3 (due November 2016). Global traveler, dog lover and eco-conscious Marketer at Bumbleride.

I love this company and everything the brand stands for. Bumbleride has enabled me to feel fulfilled in my career, while continuing to nurture myself, my family, friends and keep up with my crazy toddlers. I know that motherhood isn’t perfect (and is messy), but I’m doing my best to find balance, inspiration and continue to live eco-consciously in all areas of my life. Which means I’m constantly looking for things and brands that can meet eco standards, keep life simple and convenient.

I’m always looking for inspiration. Here are a few things I tell myself on a daily basis to keep a positive and peaceful mindset:

            -At the end of a long day, I am the only one who can give my kids a happy mama who loves life.

            -Kids make life the best kind of busy.

            -The days are long, but the years are short. Keep on keepin’ on mama.  Life is good.

I’ve spent a lot of time researching baby and toddler gear over the past 5 years (and feel especially close to it given the industry I work in). Here are my must-haves for conscious mamas looking for convenience and style.  I hope this helps eliminate your research time so you can focus on the more important stuff (like yourself and your kiddos). Thanks for reading!

– Jill, Bumbleride Marketing


Bumbleride Indie Twin Stroller + Mini Board

…and I think life with 2 kids is wild. Cue November 2016 when we’re adding a 3rd in ~4 years.  Indie Twin has been my saving grace with 2 – I’ve used it almost every day since giving birth to my son Max and it will continue to be my go-to for years to come!  That feeling of ease (and reaction of onlookers) when we seamlessly cruise through a door with a side by side stroller.  The individual seats that can be positioned for whatever situation one of them needs; up, down, feet up, feet down, sunshade extension out, asleep, awake…accommodation makes life much more simple!  Knowing my kids are spending so much time in an eco-friendly place, is one less worry I have – there are 52 recycled plastic water bottles in the fabric of this stroller, plus they are Bluesign and OEKO-tex certified.  With adding a third, all I need is my toddler Mini Board for whoever wants to ride along, and the bassinet.  Perfect spot for comfy naps on the go.  The best bassinet news is it’s now approved for overnight sleeping with it’s 100% rPET fabric and safe, breathable mattress. Even better: no polyurethane foam, fire retardants, phthlatates or PVC used.  Rest-assured, we are set.


Clek Foonf Car Seat

We are realizing that the world was built for a family of 4.  Luckily we already have a car with a 3rd row option, but didn’t think it was possible to put 3 kids safely in a single row – thanks to Clek, we will be riding safely (love their green materials) and much more easily in one single row.  The icing on the cake (or cream in my coffee) is I won’t need to use my back seat for kids.  I can use that space for groceries, my Indie Twin and all the other essentials for life on the go.


Fawn & Cub Ruckus Diaper Backpack + Changing Mat combo 

Never been the diaper bag type – always carried my oversized leather tote with enough room for everything I need.  With 3 kids, I think I’m going to need both hands and shoulders and all the help I can get in the convenience department.  I was googling “Non-Diaper Bag Diaper Bags” and came across Fawn & Cub.  SWOON.  I saw their Ruckus Sack backpack and was instantly ready to purchase.  The line that had me was “it feels like you are carrying a pillow on your back.” DONE.  So many great features; organic cotton lining, multiple pockets, magnetic snaps, et al.  This has convenience, style and non-diaper bag written all over it.

camp green quote _01


Plum and Sparrow Moses Basket

Not sure there is anything more precious than a new baby in a basket.  These moses baskets are worthy of every penny and photo captured with your baby inside.  Complete with a hypo-allergenic, waterproof pad inside, I see myself taking this baby (pun-intended) with us everywhere.  To the park, to the beach, in the backyard.  Can’t wait to snap photos of our little buddy in there.


Solly Baby Wrap

I’m sure you’re all in the know on this front.  If you aren’t, get on it!  Baby wearing has been so important to me with all my babies.  There is nothing like that close, skin-to-skin connection – all with both hands free to do whatever it is on your agenda.  I love to support small business and the gals at Solly are seriously awe-inspiring.  These gorgeous wraps are Made in America with Lenzing Modal fabric that is sourced from the pulp of Austrian Beechwood trees.  There’s more…$1 from every wrap purchased helps give a mother around the world a safe birth.  I’m all in.


Plain Jane 24 Hour Dress

Literally.  You can wear it 24 hours a day and be stylish in total comfort.  And nurse your babe without unbuttoning or showing your belly or stretching out the top of your shirt.  I got the all black, because mama knows how messy life can get with 2 kids with dirty fingers touching and grabbing you all day.  This dress is made of the same material as the Solly wrap, so you’re basically wrapping yourself in eco-friendly comfort.

camp green quote _03

K09BBMF-BS Klean5oz

Klean Kanteen 5oz and 9oz baby bottles

My favorite Kanteen brought a baby bottle into the family.  YES.  Non-toxic, check. Easy cleaning, check. Easy filling, check.  Sign. Me. Up.  There are 2 sizes (5oz and 9oz), so you can have your baby start a bottle from birth or as soon as you’re ready.



Tubby Todd $75 shop credit

We always laugh that we have enough Tubby Todd to keep the whole neighborhood clean and smelling fresh for a year.  Read: I don’t want to run out.  They also just launched their MAMA line and it’s so good.  Belly balm, hand lotion, nipple salve.  Something for every mama.  It’s that good.


Finn + Emma Organic wooden teether

Finn + Emma is the most amazing small business.  Everything they support, I believe in.  Sustainability, fair trade, organic materials, smart + ethical choices.  Everything they sell, I would have in my house.  But, consumerism is a thing and I don’t need it all with having hand-me-downs from my two other kids and family/friends that think just like me.  But the whimsical little organic hedgehog teething rattle is a necessity and multipurpose and I can’t wait for little buddy to have it.


Lorena Canals Rugs eco-friendly rug

An eco-friendly and MACHINE WASHABLE rug. Yes, please.  These rugs contain 100% natural cotton and use non-toxic dyes.  My daughter has a dust allergy, so just vacuuming and regular cleaning isn’t enough. These rugs are perfect.  All the kids rooms will eventually have one!

camp green quote _02


Modern Burlap Tree Hugger Swaddle

Another small business that I love.  But, let’s talk multipurpose. These swaddles are not only perfect for swaddling and getting a baby cozy, I use them for nursing covers, sun coverage, burp cloth, tummy time or even a scarf, if I’m out and about and forget a sweater.  They fold up so small and can be tossed into your bag and WILL BE used on every adventure.  There is a design for anyone, and there’s a reason they’re all black and white patterns…the contrast in color enhances baby’s vision and stimulates brain development.  BONUS: they’re made of GOTS certified organic cotton muslin.


So there you are!  I hope this will save you research time so you can get back to making memories with your family…

{Giveaway Over} Congratulations and welcome to the Bumbleride Family @angiehiney!!

Be Eco On The Go (With 3 Kids In Tow) Giveaway


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  7. I have a 2 1/2 yr old boy and 2 older boys…. yes i would love a girl to add to the testosterone. This stroller has had my eye for quite some time. Recently I was researching the Foonf car seat– can not quite figure out the deets on how it differs from its sister seat. I sure would love to be able to go out n about with these 2 that I have been looking into for a while now.

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  9. I’m a mama to Abby (2 in October) & due with baby #2 in January in desperate need of a double stroller and other travel gear for baby #2. And I love eco friendly/ small companies!

  10. Jill! Thank you and congrats!!! That Plum and Sparrow Moses basket is the prettiest Moses basket I ever saw, makes me want another just to justify getting one! I have been lamenting not being able to wear t shirt dresses due to nursing and I am totally psyched about the plain Jane dress. We’ve got three November birthdays in our family, me -5th, my husband-6th, and our daughter- the 10th!

  11. Our kiddos will all be the same age! My Ethan turns 4 in December, Audrey turns 2 in October and I’m due with a baby boy this November. Good luck to your family! I think we will both need it! Congrats!

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  21. Congratulations to Jill! We are also expecting a little one- due in 4 wks and this is our first!:) I’m excited as well as a little nervous, but so thankful there are experienced moms out there who are willing to make helpful suggestions about what all a mom needs in preparation to welcome a little one! Thank you Jill! Would love to win these wonderful products for my baby. :):)

  22. Congratulations to Jill! We are also expecting a little one- due in 4 wks and this is our first!:) I’m excited as well as a little nervous, but so thankful there are experienced moms out there who are willing to make helpful suggestions about what all a mom needs in preparation to welcome a little one! Thank you Jill! Would love to win these wonderful products for my baby. 🙂

  23. Oh my goodness, will I ever be crossing my fingers! What and AMAZING giveaway! I’ve got #2 on the way and I’ve been lusting after an Indie Double. Thanks for the chance to win, Bumbleride and congratulations on #3, Jill!

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  44. Congratulations Jill!!! Being mom is an awesome blessing!!!
    This giveaway is a dream come true for any mom, especially like myself ?. Every single product is just amazing. I’m soon to be a mom of three boys with two under two years. My oldest son is 6, baby #2 is turning 1 in less then a month and baby boy #3 is due two weeks after his first birthday, Irish twins ?☺. Winning such giveaway would be a blessing especially the double stroller and a Clek carseat since I’ll be able to fit two carseat in my sedan and still have room for my 6 year old.

  45. Congratulations Jill!! Wow these are all amazing items!! I have a two year old and one on the way due in January! Thank you for the opportunity to win! These products would help our family out so much!

  46. We are preparing for the arrival of some foster babies, ages 0-2, so prepping for a large age range has been fun, but this will definitely help out all the kiddos we will welcome into our home.

  47. Congratulation Jill!! This would be wonderful to win, I’m do in December with my first miracle baby girl. Which by the way I would never thought I would be able to have a baby after constant miscarriages. But God gave me and my boyfriend a wonderful surprise. Thank you for this chance of winning

  48. Can’t believe it, buy after 5 kids and baby #6 due in December, this would be an awesome win!! Everything is in dire need of replacement. Just threw out my double stroller last summer, and will need to walk my toddler to his headstart program next year. May you all be blessed! Thanks for the opportunity to win, guys!

  49. Just got this email today and very thankful I did so I can have the chance to enter on that LAST DAY! This is such a helpful read! My husband and I are so excited to welcome our first child (boy) this December, by God’s grace. I know articles like this go a long way so thank you!
    Christine V.

  50. Congratulations on baby number 3!!! We just celebrated a first month of our first born, but we are already taking about having a sibling for our little angel. We totally love Bumbleride products! This giveaway is absolutely amazing!! Thank you 🙂

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