The Baby Guy Gear Guide – #12DaysOfStrollers: DAY NINE


Best All Terrain Stroller Baby Guy NYC Bumbleride Giveaway

It’s that time of year…again.  This is my third year doing a 12 Days of Christmas-themed giveaway, but this year I thought I’d change it up a bit.  One year I gave away prizes that corresponded to the number of the day (12 winners on Day 12, etc), last year I just gave away a ton of stuff.  This year it’s strollers.  All.  Strollers.





Day 9 is a package from Bumbleride.  I will maintain that the Bumbleride Indie is one of the smoothest strollers I have EVER pushed.  It looks great, has great wheels, great suspension, and holds a ton of weight.  There’s not a lot NOT to love about this stroller.  Throw in a diaper bag AND the new Mini Board for an older kid to ride along, and you’ve got a niiiiiiiiiice bundle of bumble.  See that widget below?  What exactly are you waiting for?

Enter here and learn more about Indie here, .

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