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bonzo, chooch & me

our morning walk. i missed it so. the last few weeks of my pregnancy weren’t prime walking days. nor were the first couple weeks after ours baby was born. but slowly, i worked back up to it and i’m happy to say we’re back in our groove and taking our morning walks – on new wheels to-boot.

i realized that little bonzo probably missed our morning strolls as much as i did. it was what we did. and then that changed on top of a million other things. so we’re both feeling better to be back in the swing of things, i know.

it’s a ripple-effect of radness to be sure. first, i’m exercising. hoo-ray. second, we’re back in our routine. third, and most important, it’s seriously special time for me and bonz. see, baby sister gets tucked in snug as a bug in a rug in the stroller’s bassinet attachment and gets to gaze up at the trees then drift off to sleep (sounds pretty heavenly to me) and bonzo, with a little something in hissnack-pack, and i have time to chat and watch the world go by as we walk our loop. we throw a leaf in the creek from the bridge as we leave and then return into our neighborhood and then visit and remark on the same landmarks each day – the fountain in a front yard, the jeep parked at that house, the stone tortoise in the garden, the tractor mower that we saw mow the field a year ago. some mornings he’s happy to quietly sit back and see what he sees and other mornings he’ll talk from the second we’re walking down the driveway until the second we return but most mornings are a mix of the two. well, mostly talking with a smidge of silence if we’re going for accuracy.

what i love about it is that it’s a nice little stretch of time that we both have each other’s undivided attention and we can just talk about whatever. on top of all the things i can count on us talking about, i love hearing what he comes up with totally out of the blue and what’s on his mind. we get to talk about all the stuff he’s most interested in and i love it because i’m not trying to do six things at once while trying to pay attention to what he’s saying about the gardener with the backpack leaf blower that looks different than our gardener’s backpack leaf blower. its just so nice not to have to ask him to wait a minute or to – sigh – half-listen while i’m distracted changing a diaper, nursing the baby or one of the other zillion tasks that eat up our days.

we can’t make it every single day though i try. and sometimes baby sister’s fussed and made our otherwise peaceful walk anything but. but for the most part, it’s my favorite part of the day. our favorite part of the day.

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