Your First Baby Stroller: Invest in a Bumbleride –

Your first baby stroller: invest in a bumbleride

Viewpoints expert review: “Buy the Best and Live Free!” The Bumbleride Indie Twin is easy to handle, lightweight and sturdy enough to take hard knocks.

by Jessie Veith Rouleau, Viewpoints Baby Products Expert

Your first baby stroller: invest in a bumbleride

For all you modern moms and dads out there struggling with the biggest consumer decision we make as new parents, listen to those who have come before you, and invest in that top-of-the-line stroller. You know the one, it’s more expensive than you’re comfortable with. Yes, that one.

Some questions you may be asking yourself:

  • How often are we really going to use it?
  • Winter is cold where we live; won’t it sit in the garage?
  • Wouldn’t lesser brand work just as well?
  • Are we just paying for the logo? What’s the real difference?
  • Shouldn’t we save some of that money and put it towards baby’s college tuition?

The answer is simple in my book: Invest in that stroller!

Modern moms and dads live on-the-go. Whether you’re a working parent, or at home full-time, none of us wants to be stuck at home. From the first happy days of pregnancy, most of us picture the stroller as a vehicle of freedom, allowing us to hold on to the bits and pieces of our fabulous lives before baby. Coffee dates with friends, weekend shopping trips downtown, brunch at our favorite neighborhood restaurant, exercise routines, and even vacation travel — all of these will be more difficult to navigate with baby in tow.

Here lies the importance of the stroller

A great stroller buys you the freedom to take baby with you from point A to point B, with less stress, less sweat, and fewer tears. One of the most common questions I’m asked at the park is, “How do you like your stroller?”

My answer: I love it. My choice is the Bumbleride Indie Twin Double Stroller (retail $689).

Here’s why: It’s lightweight, extremely durable (we’ve been over broken glass, busted sidewalks, and even down stairs when there was no other option) and easy to maneuver. The streamlined design can fit two kids side-by-side and still fit through narrow doorways.  After a rainy day at the park (it comes with a rain cover, by the way) or a sandy summer day at the beach, the fabric spot-cleans with little effort. My husband likes pushing it, and he’s 6’3” (some strollers are surprisingly low to the ground). With one quick turn of a knob, the wheels can be locked in place for running, and then released for the full 360-degree swivel needed to steer in and out of my favorite boutique shops. And best of all, I can push, and even turn with one hand, if I happen to be carrying a jumbo latte.

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