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BRIGHT BEGINNINGS–For husband and wife Matthew and Emily Reichardt, strollers are functional and fashionable. Their San Diego-based company, Bumbleride, offers something different with sleek design and stylish fabrics. “Everything that we do is directed toward parents’ changing views of an outdoor lifestyle image,” explained Matthew. “Our strollers accessorize that [image], and keep up with what is happening in terms of fashion and color trends.” Bumbleride has all the standard features but also incorporates modern touches. Each stroller has a lightweight aluminum frame that lends a solid, high-quality feel to the pram, urban-style jogger and standard designs. “It’s a fresh, clean-looking stroller with some really great fabrics,” Matthew said. Breathable and washable nylon fabrics come in stylish colors like ruby, pumpkin, and pacific. The company officially launches at ABC, which Matthew said will be the perfect introduction to their target audience- the specialty store retailer. “We want to come [into the market] as something new, fresh and different,” he concluded.

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